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Safety Culture at Strata Saves a Life

Brad Lookadoo, Construction Manager at Strata Solar

Everyone at Strata knows, safety comes first. This week presented a vivid reminder of the importance of emergency training and preparedness when two of Strata's valued employees, Brad Lookadoo and Tim Williams, rose to the occasion and performed CPR on a team member who was suffering a heart attack on a job site. Their CPR training and cool-headed response was the difference between life and death, and in this case, a life was saved. Not only was CPR performed while waiting for EMS to arrive to the scene, but all emergency communications channels were properly utilized to ensure rapid and accurate flow of information throughout the crisis.

“The quick reaction by Brad and Tim saved this man's life, and this heroic act deserves to be recognized,” said Markus Wilhem, Strata's CEO. “This was a textbook example of how to utilize critical safety and CPR training onsite, and I want to offer my sincerest gratitude to Brad, Tim and the rest of the team at Monroe for handling this so professionally and in accordance with our safety protocols.”

Lookadoo and Williams were supported by others on the team who also leveraged their emergency training for a successful outcome.

Strata is proud to recognize both Brad Lookadoo and Tim Williams for setting an example of what it means to put safety first.