SOLAR ECLIPSE: North Carolina among leaders in solar energy production

UNC Asheville Adds Solar Panels to Overlook Hall with Donation from Strata Solar

UNC Podcast: About the Solar Industry by Strata Solar

John Morrison of Strata Solar discusses why the solar industry is thriving in North Carolina, the importance of state policies, and the role of universities. Strata Solar is one of the nation's leading solar providers. For more information: For more information on the NC Clean Tech Summit:

With relatively cheap land, tax incentives and abundant sunshine, North Carolina has been experiencing a boom in the solar industry. Currently, the state is 4th in the nation for installed solar capacity and the 592 MW currently installed across the state provides enough energy to power 64,500 homes (Solar Energy Industries Association). With over 300 MW of installed solar, Strata Solar ranks as one of the top providers in America.

As part of the NC Clean Tech podcast series, we are pleased to highlight this pioneering clean tech company and their Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, John Morrison. John talks about why solar development in North Carolina is succeeding and the role universities play in providing the workforce necessary for this growing industry of more than 137 solar companies employing 3,100 workers.

The second annual NC Clean Tech Summit is planned for February 19-20, 2015 at UNC’s Friday Center and  will include a focus on the military and renewable energy; boosting North Carolina’s competitiveness in manufacturing; and fostering an innovation economy across the state.