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What Do North Carolina Voters Think About Clean Energy? Podcast

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing about North Carolina’s renewable energy progress several times from Ivan Urlaub. One of the really smart things his organization does is poll voters on renewable energy each year. That means politicians always know where the voters stand on solar, wind, biomass, coal and nuclear. Join me as I talk to Ivan about this year’s poll results and how renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs are driving millions of dollars of economic development across North Carolina.

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Ivan Urlaub, Executive Director, North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association

Ivan Urlaub is Executive Director of the NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) and founder and Board member of the NC Clean Energy Business Alliance (NCCEBA). Ivan joined NCSEA as its first Policy Director in February 2005, and has served as Executive Director since January 2006.  During his tenure, NCSEA has grown its budget from $80,000 to $2.3 million, grown membership from 345 to more than 2,500 members, and strategically diversified, expanded and strengthened NCSEA’s programs and impact.

Under his leadership, NCSEA convenes and advocates for a clean energy path that will result in net savings for all North Carolina ratepayers, maintain a financially stable and reliable utility, and ensure a globally and regionally competitive energy industry that benefits all of North Carolina.  He has consistently employed a systemic and incremental strategic vision that intends to align the needs of consumers, the clean energy industry, utilities and government to achieve this.

In a public policy capacity, Ivan was NCSEA’s lead lobbyist for six years helping over 70 energy efficiency, renewable energy, high performance building and permitting, and energy finance bills become law while also serving as Executive Director.  Ivan led the design, study, and co-led the lobbying and negotiation of Senate Bill 3 in 2007, creating the first Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard in the Southeast. Ivan’s work has helped create and lead our state’s energy market transformation, most recently enabling $3.7 billion in annual industry revenues and 18,400 North Carolina jobs in 2013.

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