Doing our part in more ways than one

We bring more than just clean energy to the communities we touch. Through our outreach programs, we shine light on those who need it most.

How We Give Back

Philanthropy is as important to our corporate culture and reputation as the quality of the work we perform. Giving back where we live and work is a business imperative.


Strata supports education at all levels to create and nurture an empowered workforce. Additionally, teaching kids about climate change and careers in clean energy will help our planet for generations to come!


Nothing gets done by one person alone, which means we have to band together to make the changes we want to see in the world. We work with our community to determine where help is needed most.


Giving financially to important community causes in a part of our ethos. Our corporate matching helps donated dollars to non-profits go further and have a greater impact to those in need.

Community Contributors

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Case Study 0

Ventura energy storage, Oxnard, CA

Landmark storage project with groundswell of community support
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Case Study 1

Adams County, Washington

First solar farm in Washington State
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