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County officials excited to have Strata Solar in Chatham (Chatham Journal)

Posted Friday, January 3, 2014

Pittsboro, NC – One of the most successful solar energy companies in the nation, Strata Solar, recently moved its headquarters to Chatham County, where it already had located its warehouse and a one-megawatt solar farm. The company has 90 employees but expects to be at 100 by January.

“This does not include the 1,200 contractors involved in constructing solar farms across the state,” said Strata Solar Co-Founder Cathy Wilhelm. “In 2014, we expect to add another 250 to 300 contract workers as we expand operations into Tennessee.”

County Commissioner Chairman Walter Petty said, “Commissioner Brian Bock and I joined with the Economic Development Corporation and Domicile Realty early on in meeting with Strata Solar to develop a plan to get them here. Their move to Chatham syncs so well with our countywide plan for economic growth and to bring more jobs to the county.”

Dianne Reid, president of the Chatham Economic Development Corporation said, “We are very excited about Strata Solar being here and growing here. They not only have created more jobs, they fit very well with the county’s long-standing commitment to sustainable, local energy production.”

As Strata Solar expands, it will boost the county’s tax base with minimal impact on county service demands, Petty said. “In the long run, this is the type of company that will help keep property tax rates down. We look forward to working with Strata Solar as it continues a successful journey.”

Founded in 2009 by Markus and Cathy Wilhelm, Strata Solar has become a major force in the energy arena. In 2013, Solar Power World ranked them as the nation’s fifth largest utility-sized solar provider and the sixth largest overall solar provider.

Strata Solar expects to continue adding solar farms in North Carolina and expanding in states like Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, and Utah.

via County officials excited to have Strata Solar in Chatham (Chatham Journal).