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Strata Solar makes new hires and new energy in Bladenboro

Nearly 80 new employees have been hired this week in Bladenboro as a new form of farming takes shape.













A solar farm is growing rapidly southeast of the downtown area and about a mile from Bladenboro Middle School off Forest Drive.

Strata Solar, a Chapel Hill based company has moved in over the past couple of weeks and shiny metal post have replaced farm crops and approximately 80 workers are busy making preparation for solar panels that will be arriving soon to be mounted on the metal work.

Willie Locklear of Pembroke is the site manager and is proud of the new employees who have just arrived.  About half of the workforce was hired Monday and the others arrived Wednesday.  All came through the Employment Security Commission.

According to Locklear, an employee for about 2 years, the mostly local workers will be working for about 3 months, or until the project is complete.

Strata Solar has built other solar farms in the area and more are planned.  There are other companies doing the same.

The property belongs to Dawson Singletary and is leased to Strata.  Strata will sell the power generated to Duke Energy.  Duke has just completed adding new poles and lines to accommodate the 5.5 MW power generated at the Bladenboro site.

Construction takes about 14 weeks from start to finish.

Others Strata farms in the area include Bolton, NC, Shannon, NC, South Robeson, Whiteville-Bowman.  At least 27 have been built according to the Strata website, and there are more to come.

In addition to man and woman power, Locklear was proud of the fact that all the machinery being used was leased from regional suppliers, large metal buildings are for storage and offices, all leased, small equipment and 4 wheelers that circle the total solar farm are all leased as well, even local off duty law enforcement officers have been hired for a short time.

Locklear said he began at the lowest level about 2 years ago and was offered a full-time position a short time later.  He expects to know where his next assignment will be before the Bladenboro project is completed. He pointed out that some of the new hires may have that same opportunity with this growing company.

He pointed out that the solar farm provided renewable energy, there are no chemicals and wetlands are preserved.  Strata abides by state and local rules and regulations.

There are about 10 foreman to supervise the newly hired.  Locklear introduced Joe McKenzie who lives near Rockfish in Hoke County who came on board about the time he did and they have worked projects together.  McKenzie was making sure the poles and braces were positioned as they should be for the panels to be installed.

Strata Solar, according to their website, is a turn-key solar provider.  With over 150 MW installed and more than a Gigawatt under development – Strata Solar ranks among the top solar providers in America.

It's a busy time on the site as the preparation continues for a very different type crop that should provide clean power for years to come.