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Dear Members of the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors,

I am writing to express my strong support for the Rosalind Solar Project, a 150 Megawatt utility-scale solar project to be developed by Strata Clean Energy in Greensville County, VA.

As a property owner and/or community member in Greensville County, I understand the importance of responsible development that balances economic growth and environmental stewardship. The Rosalind Solar Project is an excellent example of such responsible development.

The project will be sited extremely well to shield it from having any negative impacts on neighbors, scenic rivers, wetlands, wildlife corridors, and vegetation. This means that the project will not only generate clean, renewable energy, but also protect the environment and wildlife in the area. We believe that the location, character and extent of the proposed solar project energy facility is substantially in accord with the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

Moreover, the Rosalind Solar Project will provide revenue to property owners in a remote area of the County and allow property owners to use their land as they deem fit. Other citizens of Greensville County also will benefit from the project through revenue share, property tax, and payments under the siting agreement which will provide much-needed funds for local schools and other municipal needs. This will greatly benefit the entire community and contribute to Greensville County’s economic sustainability.

Overall, I believe that the Rosalind Solar Project is an excellent opportunity for Greensville County. It offers a responsible, sustainable, and economically beneficial solution to our energy needs and our community. I urge you to approve this project and support its development in our community.

Thank you for your consideration.

I Support Rosalind Solar

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