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ARTICLE: 'It sort of exploded': the rapid rise of solar energy in North Carolina

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ARTICLE: Solar Energy Largely Unscathed by Hurricane Florence's Wind and Rain

In North Carolina, the #2 solar state, Florence was the first extreme weather test for much of its renewable energy. 

Faced with Hurricane Florence's powerful winds and record rainfall, North Carolina's solar farms held up with only minimal damage while other parts of the electricity system failed, an outcome that solar advocates hope will help to steer the broader energy debate.

Duke and Strata Solar, two of North Carolina's largest owners and operators of solar farms, said they found almost no damage in initial inspections.

“it's fairly isolated damage,” said Brian O'Hara, senior vice president for strategy and government affairs for Strata, which is based in CHapel HIll. “I think a lot of people were looking at Florence as a good test for solar generation's resilience, and I think we've seen a really fantastic outcome.”

Read the full story from Inside Climate News.

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