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WEBINAR: Emergency Preparedness – Partnering with the Right O&M Company for Your Solar PV Assets


The reliable and economic operation and maintenance (O&M) of solar Photovoltaic (PV) assets over the project lifetime is often overlooked yet has proven to be a critical concern for site owners, developers, and investors. The wrong decision can lead to lost generation that will reduce the project’s profitability for site owners and shareholders. 

There are many important considerations when selecting an O&M provider for your PV project. It should be no surprise that every potential O&M provider will promise improved energy system performance and meet return on investment expectations. Dig deeper. Ask questions about “how” the potential O&M service provider will deliver on those promises, such as cutting edge remote monitoring and diagnostics, response times during an emergency, in-house technical support to quickly identify and solve emerging problems, and the experience of the project team.

In this webinar, Mike Loeser, Director of Operations for Strata Solar will reveal what successful investors and site owners expect when partnering with an O&M service provider to manage and maintain your PV projects. The following topics will be covered in this webinar:   

  • Brief Introduction to Strata Solar
  • The benefit of solar PV remote monitoring utilizing diagnostic software, alarming and control
  • NERC/CIP low impact control room compliance
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Monthly site visits with walk down and physical inspection
  • Preparedness for emergency situations and response time
  • Emergency Case Study: Responding to lost generation

Who should attend:

  • Existing solar PV site managers, owners, and investors
  • Developers with solar PV systems under construction
  • Decision makers for procuring O&M services
  • Renewable project developers
  • Project finance institutions and investors
  • EPC companies without O&M capabilities

PresenterMike Loeser | Director of Operations | Strata Solar Services LLC

Mike Loeser is focused on the Strata Solar Services customer experience, leveraging eight years of large customer account ownership as a foundation for specialization in solar assets since early 2014.  During his tenure with Strata Solar Services, Mike has expanded upon and streamlined the services that the company performs on solar investment funds and currently manages a team of Asset Management, Plant Operation, and Business Operations professionals with a mix of legal, accounting, financial, engineering, data science, and consulting experience. Education: BBA, Finance and Consulting/Venture Management, Emory University


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