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Lug-A-Jug 6k

Strata Solar is a proud sponsor of United Solar Initiatives “Lug-a-Jug” 6k. 

This year Lug-a-Jug will be held on Sept. 30 at Southern Community Park in Chapel Hill and will feature raffle prizes, yard games and food from local businesses. 

The Lug-A-Jug 6K has participants create teams to carry an empty five-gallon jug for three kilometers, and a full five-gallon jug back three kilometers. This simulates the walk many people in developing countries take every day to access water.

United Solar Initiative wants people to understand the gravity of water poverty through this event.

“Clean water is not universal. There are still close to 700 million people that don’t have clean water,” said Steven Thomsen, co-founder of USI. “It’s important that that reality becomes more tangible to people, and we want to help that happen by having people carry 40 pounds of water.”  

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