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Coalition Pushing for CMS to Go Solar, Durham Writes Energy Resolution

The Repower our Schools Coalition is driving a truck with 20 attached solar panels to schools in Charlotte and Durham in an effort to educate students and push for a solar movement.

Repower our Schools, part of Greenpeace, is asking Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Durham Public Schools to “pass resolutions that save critical school funding by transforming their operations to 100 percent renewable energy.” North Carolina is one of the leading states in solar energy and Repower our Schools says bringing solar energy is not just good for the environment and human health, but that it can be cost efficient and a learning tool for those wanting to enter the solar industry.

A Repower our Schools press release says that schools installing solar systems could save $1 million in energy costs over 30 years — but up-front costs of installations  were not mentioned.

Durham Public Schools has written a resolution to support “energy efficient and sustainable facility designs.” It will be voted on during its April 23 meeting and a spokesperson for the district said it is scheduled to be approved.  It is not intended to go to 100 percent renewable energy, but it “expresses its commitment to seek all achievable, practical and reasonable measures to reduce its dependency on and use of high-carbon fossil fuel energy sources to the maximum extent possible.”

CMS was not available for comment on Wednesday to see what considerations it would give moving forward, however, it is inviting the truck to ten of its schools throughout April and May. The tour begins at Providence High School on April 23.