Republicans push to expand solar power in NC

North Carolina Ranks Fourth in the U.S. For Installed Capacity

Third-Party-Owned Solar Advances in the Southeast, While Renewables Get a Boost in the Midwest

North Carolina

House representatives in North Carolina recently filed legislation that would legalize third-party ownership of renewable energy resources. The law is backed by several big businesses, including Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Target.

Under the legislation (HB 245), third-party-owned facilities would be allowed to participate in net metering. The Utilities Commission may also approve new fees or credits for distributed energy customers, based on an investigation of the costs and benefits of customer-sited generation.

Duke Energy, one of North Carolina’s two major utilities, told Greentech Media it does not support the bill, and is instead advocating for a more comprehensive piece of legislation that also addresses net metering and renewable energy tax credits.

Follow this link to view entire article, “An update on state-level clean energy news from around the country”, Julia Pyper, April 2, 2015